Global Challenges and Local Solutions

We believe that Denmark’s integrated, value-based structures can be communicated to inspire innovation, strengthen design networks, and leverage scalable design strategies.

Scaledenmark offers livability and sustainability-focused lectures on Copenhagen and the Øresund Region both locally and abroad.

Lectures are typically structured for 45 minutes and can be customized by request.

Example Lectures include:

  • Copenhagen as an Eco-Metropole **
    Case studies presenting sustainable strategies in a global-local context
  • The Danish person’s life: A value-based society
    Introduction to the Danish welfare society and citizen-centric strategies for policy and planning innovation
  • Sustainability as a double strategy: Greater Copenhagen and Skåne Region
    The socio-economic benefits of the Øresund Cross-Border Region
  • Exploring Copenhagen
    Reflecting on 25 years of urban development through Copenhagen’s diverse neighborhoods
  • Copenhagen CO2-neutral by 2025
    Case studies presenting sustainable strategies paving the roadmap to become the first CO2-neutral capital city in the world
  • Malmoe Virtual walk by ZOOM
    A pre-tour warmup with focus on Climate Smart Hyllie and BO01 / Western Harbour neighbourhoods

Our lectures communicate models for cross-disciplinary collaboration between different stakeholders.

** We highly recommend our introductory lecture “Copenhagen as an Eco-Metropole” to all study tour participants, as it highlights an important overview of Denmark’s value-based structures represented in physical design solutions.

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Lecture Module

Copenhagen Eco-Metropole

Worlds best bicycle city


A blue and green capital city


Center for world climate policy


A safe and healthy city


Climate change resilience


CO2-neutral by 2025


● visit of BLOX

● visit of BLOXHUB

● Reflection Session What If? 2030